Sudanese police says vandals present during 25th October protests

The Sudanese police tried to underplay their involvement of the killing of 119 peaceful protesters since last October, launching new accusations not supported by any evidence.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese police claimed, in a statement Tuesday, that they had dealt with “military trained forces” that adopted violence and sabotage during the protests.

The statement referred to what it described as “groups directing and issuing instructions” to supposedly “hit-and-run”, cut off roads, and “repeatedly” assault military sites.

The police said those mentioned in its allegations were not civilians, and that this indicates the conspiracy and their affiliation with illegal groups and organizations.

The police statement appealed to the Ministry of Justice and the legislative body to impose exceptional measures to resolve what it described as chaos, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It also called for granting police forces exceptional powers to confront protesters, including setting up courts.

The police’s statement comes despite many evidence showing its members firing bullets at peaceful demonstrators, such as the video footage taken during a crackdown in Khartoum Bahri last November.

Photos and videos have shown members of the police shooting at demonstrators in Al-Sitteen Street in Khartoum.

This month, the police also tortured a citizen to death in one of its departments, according to an official medical report.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors confirmed that a protester, who now marked number 119, was ran over to death on October 25th by a vehicle belonging to security forces.

In March, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on the Central Reserve Police for its violent suppression of peaceful protesters.

In the city of Khartoum on the 25th, the police heavily fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades at peaceful protesters near the vicinity of the republican palace.

An eyewitness revealed that the police used new methods of repression during the October 25th demonstrations, in which they placed pebbles in their projectiles.

A medical source told AlTaghyeer that the pebbles lodge themselves into the eye and cause a concussion.

The medical source revealed that over 150 protesters were injured from police crackdown on the 25th October demonstrations, and expressed concern that two of those injured brought in were in a very critical condition.

In Omdurman, the police assaulted an ambulance while it was transporting an injury to Al-Ayoun Hospital, Omdurman, and injured the ambulance driver in the process.

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