Over 215,000 apply for new academic year across Sudan universities

More than 215,000 hopefuls have applied online for a seat at a university in Sudan, marking the highest number of online applications ever recorded.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

More than 215,000 students have applied for admission to Sudanese universities for the next academic year.

On Wednesday, the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research concluded the online application process for higher education institutions in the first round.

According to Sudan News Agency, the process went normally and smoothly.

The overall percentage of students who completed their application reached 61%, with 215,172 male and female students completing their submission, marking the highest number of electronic applications ever received.

1,472 Sudanese students holding foreign certificates successfully completed their application process, while 1,855 international students (non-Sudanese) completed their application.

The Red Sea, Northern, River Nile, Central and Western Darfur states came top five in number of applicants.

All states in Sudan exceeded 100% of the expected applicant numbers, which is also a first according to the ministry.

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