Wajdi Saleh’s family accuses Justice in Sudan of political persecution

According to Saleh’s family, the former Empowerment Removal Committee employee is firm in his position and adheres to his legal right.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer    

The family of the prominent Empowerment Removal Committee (disbanded post-October coup) member, Wajdi Saleh, confirmed that he was facing political targeting under the guise of justice.

The family explained that Saleh’s defense had submitted a request for an examination of the Attorney General against the Public Prosecution’s decision.

The Attorney General, as per the family, failed to request papers until yesterday, Wednesday, which led them to believe Saleh was facing political targeting aimed at breaking his will and distorting his image.

A statement attributed to the family released Wednesday listed the details of the examination request to the Attorney General against the Public Prosecution’s decision, and also a request to meet with the Attorney General.

In its statement, the family confirmed that “Saleh” was steadfast in his position and adhered to his legal right and that he refused any investigation with him before his immunity was lifted.

Wagdi Saleh and Saad Mohamed Ahmed, currently in police custody, face charges under articles 21/177 (2) and 89 of the Sudanese Criminal Code, in addition to Article 29 of the Financial and Accounting Procedures Regulations, Articles 77 and 79 of the Procurement and Contracting Law of 2010, and Article 57 of the Companies Law of 2015.

These accusations come in accordance with the criminal complaint No. 4262/2022, filed through commissioner Ismail Al-Sharif Al-Dhao.

An Auditor General’s report dated back to June 16, 2022, had mentioned violations estimated at about 16 million and 600 thousand pounds related to Al-Qaris Company for Agricultural and Animal Production Ltd.

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