Defendants in Brema murder case were tortured, says forensic report


Forensic reports presented in court proved that the three accused in the murder of Brigadier General Brema (Tupac, Al-Ninah, and Tarhaqa) were subjected to torture while under state custody.

Khartoum: Al-Taghyeer: Sarah Taj Al-Sir
The head of the defense team for the three defendants (Tupac, Al-Ninah, Tarhaqa), Iman Hassan, said in a statement to AlTaghyeer that the court was presented forensic reports which proved her clients had been subjected to torture, and indicated that the judge had deposited the reports in the record.

The defense also submitted a second request, to let the defendant Tupac join the other detainees in one holding after he was subjected to “severe pressure.”

The three defendants confirmed that they did not object to that, refuting what the Kober prison administration had claimed earlier that the other two defendants refused Tupac being present in their place of detention.

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