Newly formed political entity offers alterntative solution to Sudanese crisis

A newly formed political entity called “The Independents” suggested an alternative to the political crisis in the country that is “safer and less divisive.”

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The “Independents” believe that the currently suggested political settlement was tried before by the Sudanese public, and ended in a power struggle, which eventually led to the current crisis.

The newly formed political body suggested that the settlement should include all Sudanese parties, excluding the National Congress party, resistance committees, and professional unions and workers’ professional bodies.

The Independents also said in their statement that the remaining tasks of the transitional period should be dealt with by specializes committees assigned by what they referred to as a “round table.”

A highly-controversial political settlement has been reportedly imminent in Sudan that will see the Freedom Forces Coalition, biggest political party in Sudan, enter into an agreement with the October 25th coup orchestrating national military.

The agreement will supposedly mark the end of the coup and the political crisis in Sudan, and may absolve senior military leaders from legal accountability; a matter that many in the Sudanese political scene reject.

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