Sudanese appeals court refuses decision to stone woman

A Sudanese appeals court cancelled a court decision to stone a Sudanese woman, and ordered for the court case to be looked into again.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

An appeals court in Kosti, White Nile state, overruled a decision to stone a lady accused of adultery.

A Kosti criminal judge who goes by Haroun Adam issued on 26th of last June a decision against Maryam Tirab, who was accused of breaking item 146 of the penal code which stipulates the execution of adulterers if the party involved in adultery is part of a healthy, correct marriage.

Maryam Tirab, still in holding, was also denied visitations by the head of the state’s judiciary apparatus.

According to Tirab’s attorney Intisar Abdallah, the appeals court had rejected the stoning decision based on “fair trial standards” not being implemented.

The lawyer also said that judge Haroun Adam’s decision was made on 26th of last June without legal representation available for the accused, which is considered illegal.

Article 135 of the criminal procedures code says that a defendant has the right to legal representation in any case that could entail over 10 years imprisonment, the death penalty, or the severing of one’s limb.

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