Freedom and Change to sign framework agreement with junta

Sources revealed that, next week, the Forces of Freedom and Change are set to sign a “framework agreement” with the military component currently controlling the country.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum
An informed source revealed to AlTaghyeer that Freedom and Change coalition, the party leading the resistance against the coup forces in Sudan, is set to sign a framework agreement with the military council currently controlling the country.
The agreement comes as a part of a series of efforts to help put an end to the political crisis currently crippling the country.
The source revealed that the framework agreement is most likely to be signed next Sunday or Monday.
The unnamed source also revealed that the Freedom and Change coalition will meet on Saturday to close the book on a number of internal differences.
Many sources have also confirmed these differences within the coalition regarding the signing of this agreement with the putschist military junta.
The coalition had revealed earlier that it plans to sign the agreement in two stages; one being the framework agreement, and the second being the finalizing, binding, agreement.
The sources confirmed the Arab Socialist Baath Party was insistent on holding the military junta accountable.
Moreover, identical sources within the Freedom and Change said that the framework agreement, facilitated by the tripartite mechanism composed of “the United Nations, the African Union and IGAD,” will define the parties to the political process.

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