Armed militia leader announces he is closing Port Sudan port

An armed militia leader, Sheiba Dharrar, on Wednesday, announced that he is shutting down the southern port in the city of Port Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Dharrar, a commander of an armed militia in eastern Sudan, said that the southern port has been closed, and “so will the northern port and the Aqaba road be closed.”

He added that “we will bring you down as they brought you down before” during a civil gathering with Muhammad Tahir Eila, Omar al-Bashir’s former prime minister.

Port workers said, in a statement, that the port’s closure being used as a pressure tool against the government is a weapon that workers have been affected by most.
The statement said that “any party that wants to use the workers to carry out sit-ins or strikes is not interested in the workers.”

The port workers’ statement stressed that the loading and unloading workers, those who call for the closure of the port, have no relationship with the workers and do not have any trade union or labor status authorizing them to close the port.

It called on the official authorities, including the police and other state security agents, to carry out their duties towards anyone who threatens or encroaches on citizens and their property.

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