73 injured in anti-framework settlement protests

Doctors’ committee in Sudan counted 73 cases of injury among those who went out to protests during the December 13th “millions” march.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Association of Socialist Doctors “Rush” – an independent medical body, announced 73 varying injuries as a result of the excessive violence used by the Sudanese coup authorities in confronting the December 13th protests in Khartoum.

“Rush” confirmed that the military junta’s authorities used rubber bullets, sound bombs, and even stones and broken glass against protesters.

The coordination committees of the resistance committees of Khartoum state and revolutionary bodies called for “wide participation” following a recent signing of a framework agreement between civil forces and the military junta in Sudan.

Several coordinators from the resistance committees announced their rejection of the agreement, saying they will continue “escalating” through protests, and “centralized and decentralized activities until the end of December.

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