Baath party withdraws from Freedom and Change

On Tuesday, the Arab Socialist Baath Party announced it was leaving the Forces for Freedom and Change coalition.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The party said in a statement that the “Forces for Freedom and Change followed the path of the legitimization of the October 25th coup,” while highlighting the “overthrow of the coup and dismantling the system of the defunct regime” were basic conditions for building a sustainable democratic system.
The party affirmed its commitment to work with the masses of the people to build a new alliance to “overthrow the October 25 coup by escalating the uprising, leading to political strike and civil disobedience.”
“The participation of the majority of the Forces of Freedom and Change in signing the framework agreement with the putschists contradicts the basic goals and principles for which this broad alliance was established,” the statement said.
The statement called on the party to complete the construction of the broadest popular front for democracy and change, pointing out that it had made every effort with the Freedom and Change parties to prevent this strategic mistake from being committed.
“This was a majority choice which led to our separation from them and our siding with the vital forces in our people to continue the patient, relentless struggle on the path to overthrowing the coup and extricating our country from the comprehensive and worsening national crisis,” the statement continued.

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