FIFA to launch probe into chef Nusret World Cup antics

Chef Nusret Gökçe, known as “salt bae”, enraged a number of people, and FIFA officials, by barging onto the pitch and celebrating with the Argentine team.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

FIFA, the largest football organizing body, is launching an investigation into how chef Nusret was allowed onto the pitch where he celebrated with the Argentina national team.

Argentina had just beat France 4-2 on penalties to clinch the title on the 18th of the this month.

“Salt bae”, the name chef Nusret goes by after having gained fame around 7 years via a viral internet clip showing his sprinkling salt on a steak, was seen handling the world cup trophy and even kissing it for pictures.

FIFA has stated that the world cup trophy was only allowed to be touched by select people such as the winning team, heads of countries, and a few select people.

Nusret appeared in many images showing him on the pitch, holding and kissing the world cup trophy, and biting on an Argentine player’s gold medal.

The popular chef, who owns restaurants all over the world, was heavily criticized online for celebrating with the team despite not being a player.

Salt bae’s antics were considered disrespectful by many people, with some calling him a “shameless attention seeker.”

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