Open University of Sudan launches fact checking website

The officials at the Open University of Sudan hope the website would be of great service to the Sudanese people.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Open University of Sudan in Khartoum announced it will be launching a department soecialized in fact checking online news.

In a press conference, the university stated that it hopes the website helps curb the spread of criminal activity across the capital.

During the press briefing, Media Director for the Police Gen. Ibrahim Mustafa complained that false news were partially responsible for the worsening security situation in the capital.

The “rumor squashing” department will be a joint effort between the state of Khartoum, the Open University of Sudan, and telecom company Win Win.

Mohammed Mohammed Othman, Win Win director, said that his company will also be organizing an award ceremony for most trustworty news sources in the country.

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