Daughter of Empowerment official kidnapped, sexually assaulted

According to Sudan Tribune, the daughter of an official at the Empowerment Removal Committee was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three unknown persons who are still at large.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

The daughter of the high ranking member in the committee tasked with cracking down on Bashir-era corruption was kidnapped from her home in al-Mamoura in Khartoum as per Sudan tribune.

After getting onto a Rickshaw, the girl was abducted by three unknown persons who chased the Rickshaw in a truck.

The girl, 15, was then taken to an unknown residential area where she was kept in “an unknown family’s house”.

The girl was then reportedly raped before being driven back to al-Manshiya bridge where she was left.

The police announced investigations into the incident are currently ongoing.

Darfur24 reported that the girl’s family was to make a public statement soon.

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